We begin each day with the best of intentions. But we often go to bed at night wondering exactly what we’ve accomplished. The problem? An endless stream of busy work invades our schedule and keeps us from doing the things that really matter. In this episode, you’ll learn the three simple steps for eliminating fake […]

Becoming the Right Kind of Person to Succeed

Emily wanted to work in marketing. She was young and had no experience. She’d skipped college and used a portfolio of work and a Praxis apprenticeship to win a spot on the Customer Success team of a growing startup. But her goal was still marketing. She aimed right at it and started asking people in […]

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Applying 4DX in Production and Operations Environments

Is execution more difficult than strategy? Nine out of ten business leaders say “yes.” If you are a leader with operational or production responsibility, you may feel an even higher sense of frustration when it comes to execution. In the early 2000s, a group of us at Franklin Covey began working on the methodology known […]

Leverage the Power of Daily Habits to Supercharge Your Day

All of us want to be fully engaged and highly productive, but every day brings a fresh round of small obstacles. In this episode, we’ll show you the four daily routines guaranteed to launch you into a productive day. When we’re finished, you’ll avoid that feeling that you are never quite caught up and enter […]

Every leader manages a whirlwind of commitments, appointments, and deadlines. Sometimes it seems as if we’re one step behind. In this encore episode, we’ll show you the three basic tools that will enable you to manage your day. Plus, give practical tips on coordinating your calendar with an executive assistant.

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Real Stories from Leaders Like You

The intentions are noble: You want to buy a house with a backyard for your kids, pay off debt, or do something to actually justify the $50,000 worth of student loans that feels like a noose around your neck. You vow to work harder than everyone else on your team, to be the first one […]

Have an Adventure, Wherever You Are

This past weekend our family had to cancel a special trip to a friend’s lake house that had been circled on the calendar for months. Our initial weekend plans had play and adventure built into them to recharge the grownups, help us finish a busy season well and open our minds up to new possibilities […]

Leave All Work and No Play in the Dust

FBoutique Pullover winter French Sweater Connection fASxwXAqror my first job in Washington, DC, I worked very long hours. One night, a rare dinner date was lined up. “What time do you get off?” my date asked to coordinate. A long, awkward pause followed. “It’s kind of a philosophical question,” I finally admitted. That was fine by me at the time, but […]

Take Things to the Next Level, in Half the Time

When Bryan Stockton was pushed out as CEO of toymaker Mattel, he fingered a complacent company culture for dipping profits. In fact, he went one step further and blamed the lack of innovation on bad meetings. Stockton’s story has been on my mind because I’m releasing a new book today called No Fail Meetings. Meetings […]